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Unable to verify location
Unable to verify location

Error about location when submitting an ad

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We require a user to specify a location so buyers know where the vehicle is located and can search for vehicles close to them. After creating an account you will need to update some personal details like location before placing your first ad. Alternatively, during placing your ad we will ask for these new details. Remember the location is where the vehicle is located which could be different to your physical location.

If you receive the error 'Unable to verify location.' when submitting you ad, be sure you have filled in the location field. 

Start typing your postcode or suburb and wait for the field to update with found results. Find your nearest location in the list and select it.

This will add your location into the field. Do not try to modify it once you have selected it as your modification may not be in our records. To change your option, remove the text in the field completely and start searching again.

If you have no location saved under your account, your selected location will be applied to your account. You can change this anytime though your dashboard. 

Important: If you cannot find your location by searching the location field please let us know so we can get your ad up as soon as possible. 

You can also let your web browser determine your location by clicking 'Use my current Location' above the text field. This may prompt a browser popup to allow location access with you must accept to enable the feature.

Important: Automatically determining your location may result in incorrect information as its based on your internet providers (ISP) exit point.

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