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I cant find the right fields when placing my ad

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We try to have all the different variation of vehicles available for you to select when placing a new ad on our websites. Due to the complex nature and niche market of our product it is hard to have every possible variation of vehicles out there.
Use the following guide if you can't find your exact vehicle model or have a heavily modified vehicle that just doesn't match the criteria of the original vehicle. 

I cant find my exact vehicle

You can override the options when placing your ad. For the field that doesn't match simply start typing (instead of selecting) and press enter. 

Lets use a 2020 Aston Martin Vanquish as an example. 2020 is not an option in the 'Year' field. 

Type the year in the select box where is says 'Select or Type' and press enter.

You can now continue to add the appropriate fields manually.
Important: only fields with a red asterix (*) are required.

I want to back to selecting my vehicle

If you typed a value into a vehicle variation field and pressed enter to bring the manual entry fields up but want to return to searching/selecting your vehicle you can press 'Go Back To Selection' to return to the drop down method.


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