Google's Chrome browser may block cookies that share cross-site resources. This setting will prevent our login service from performing your login successfully. To ensure your profile is safe and secure we integrate our authorization services with a trusted 3rd party to keep your identity safe and give you peace of mind. This lets our developers focus on delivering you more features. 

  • Click login on the Just Auto site you are logging into and wait for the login page to load.

  • Enable cookies for the Just Auto site by clicking the cookie icon with the red cross in the address bar. Make sure cookies are always allowed from this site.

  • Click done & reload the page.

  • Click the login button again & click the cookie with the red cross again.

  • Click “Show Cookie and other site data…”

  • Under the horizontal tab menu, click Blocked.
    If “ is in the list, select it and click the 'Allow' button.
    Then click 'Done' & reload the page.
    You should be able to login now.

If you are still experiencing login issues with Google Chrome after performing these steps, please get in contact with us.  

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